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Children’s Shoe Store in Berlin Wilmersdorf

Kleine Helden - Little Heroes - Shoes for kids

Buying shoes for children can be a challenge for many parents. The smaller the child, the harder it is for the parent to know if the shoe really fits - is it too big? Too small? Too wide or perhaps too tight? Wearing the wrong sized shoe can be very damaging to children - it can cause numerous problems later in life. 98% of children are born with healthy feet, and yet at the age of 15 only 45% continue to have healthy feet.

Children should be carried through life with healthy feet. We at Kleine Helden Berlin love to use our expertise and knowledge to help you find perfect fits for your kids.

Kleine Helden – Shoes for Kids is a specialist children’s shoe shop in Wilmersdorf, between the Uhlandstrasse and Bundesalle. We have fitted thousands of shoes on children - from sneakers for the very youngest of athletes all the way to cool boots for cool teenagers. Our input has repeatedly proven to be very valuable for parents - providing this is always at the forefront of our business.

We’re equipped for needs - our shop has a play area and of course a toilet. Buying shoes at Kleine Helden is a relaxing experience with services that cater for your child, too.


Children’s Shoe Store in Berlin Wilmersdorf
Cole Bounce
Zecchino d´oro

Kleine Helden Berlin - We’re passionate about what we do

Marion Müller-Eble and Klaus Eble, the owners of Kleine Helden, have two daughters and know how important it is for the parents’ and children’s desire and needs to be met. The whole family is involved when new shoe collections are purchased for the next season. The now almost grown-up daughters give their input too, which is of course very important to the business.

Every shoe that is offered in store is hand-picked by the family - for your family. Quality, fit and fashion are considered. Kleine Helden Berlin has been working with many of its suppliers for many years.

Shoes for kids from sizes 18 to 42

Quality is the first thing on the list when the new season collection is selected. Other factors are also very important. Children notice good quality when a shoe is comfortable to wear, is breathable and provides stability - yet their selection criteria is often quite different. Children like colours, design, cool features. The older the child gets, the more specific and important these criteria become. Surely all parents remember a moment in their childhood when they found a pair of shoes so awesome they never wanted to wear anything else. There are always two aspects to our advice:

Quality from an adult’s perspective - this is the fundamental criteria

Coolness, aesthetics and uniqueness - for the satisfaction of children and parents.

Both of these aspects are reflected in every shoe on our shelves - and so our shoes don’t only make the parents happy, but also the kids. At Kleine Helden – Shoes for Kids we combine the rational needs of the parents with the emotional ones of the children.


Shoes for Kids – Assortment and Brands

At Kleine Helden you will be able to find a range of about three-hundred shoes, at all times. We offer shoes from reputable manufacturers such as:

...and many more. Our range of shoe-types is equally as diverse. From moccasins to toddler shoes, ballerinas, velcro trainers, sandals, slippers, boots and sneakers, to name a few. At Kleine Helden – Shoes for Kids we cater for all shoe needs for children. We also have a wide range of Falke hosiery. Our offer also includes bags, T-shirts and hats.

All for an affordable price, with supreme quality and expert advice.

Affordable children’s shoes in Berlin

Kleine Helden – Shoes for Kids offers products with an excellent price-performance ratio. Shoes are carefully and meticulously selected from quality manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. Kleine Helden Berlin only works with manufacturers that have been in the business for many years and have earned our trust through continuously providing supreme products. The manufacturers’ many years of experience prove expertise which is primary when making children’s shoes. Our selling price is comparable to that of any other distributor as it is based on the basic retail price. The one thing that distinguishes Kleine Helden – Shoes for Kids is the service, expertise and comfort that we provide to the shopping experience. Whilst most store staff is barely knowledgeable, all our employees are experts and able to consult you.