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Brands for Kids

Top labels for children’s shoes

Which children’s shoes are recommended?

The answer is quite simple: those with good quality, good fit, and good looks. And this is what well-established brands can provide Kleine Helden - Shoes for Kids works primarily with producers that have been making children’s shoes for many years. Yearlong experience is a guarantee for competence in using good materials and producing good fits. Also - experienced manufacturers know what children and parents like.

Children’s feet are to develop into healthy adult feet. With shoes for children it is important that they provide support without ever restricting movement. Shoes should conform to the child’s foot, not vice versa, and come as close as possible to walking barefoot.

Established brands for children’s shoes develop their products according to the foot itself. This requires a lot of expertise and experience. At Kleine Helden - Shoes for Kids you will only find branded shoes in our offering that has the owner family’s stamp of approval - considering established brands as well as younger ones. Here you can find a short description of the brands (manufacturers) that have proven to meet our quality demands and correspond with our standards - all which can be found in our instore offering.

Top labels for children’s shoes in Berlin
Kinderschuhe von Acebos

The Spanish shoe manufacturer has a solid heritage - since the 50’s Acebos has been producing shoes made from excellent materials with a fantastic design. Those who have been in the business for so long, really know what they are doing. The products speak for themselves and are sold not only in Spain but also in Germany, France and Italy.

Kinderschuhe von bisgaard

“When customers open the shoebox, it should smell like leather” - these are the words of Marianne and Henrik Thomsen, the owners of the Danish children’s shoe manufacturer. Over 10 years ago the two decided to sell their three shoe shops and instead produce children’s shoes themselves. They have become so good at this that their shoes are now sold in over 18 countries. Bisgaard’s focus is high quality leather and many colours - the shoes are cool and extremely comfortable to wear.

Kinderschuhe von Blundstone

Blundstone, also called Blunnies, are great all-rounders - the ‘go anywhere’ and ‘do anything’ boots. The company’s history extends back to Australia’s pioneer period in the 1840’s. The company is based in Hobart, Tasmania. Blundstone Bootmaker use the most modern production methods when creating these highly practical boots. Perfected and patented, Blundstones fit, sole technology and Shock Protection System provide a very comfortable shoe for everyday wear.

Kinderschuhe von Chérie

The quality seal "Made In Italy" is appreciated world-wide - this is because is implies the finest manual skills and careful execution of detail to always be coupled with a continuous search for new and superior materials. Chérie manufactures its children’s shoes from first-class materials and creates exclusive designs. Production takes place only in Italy using traditional manufacturing methods.

Kinderschuhe von Cole Bounce restore

“Those finding new paths leave footsteps”

With every new season, Cole Bounce Restore re-confirms that the brand is always in tune with current trends. With clear lines and colours, this Italian manufacturer impresses its clients with just how stylish their products are. Highest quality materials are put together using traditional manufacturing techniques - made in Italy.

Kinderschuhe von Naturino

For 40 years Naturino has been producing children’s shoes - and yet the brand has remained youthful and fashion conscious. Naturino’s goal is to create shoes that will make children feel like they are walking on sand. The distance runner in the children’s shoe market, Naturino, values soft soles for those learning to walk with clear and intense colours in all models.

Kinderschuhe von Primigi

Near Perugia in the Umbria region of Italy Primigi is at home. The beautiful environment inspires designers’ creativity with each new collection. The children’s shoes from Primigi are characterised by Italian design for a very good price. From shoes for children to learn how to walk in, all the way through to ballerinas for girls and waterproof lined boots for boys and girls up to a size 40, Primigi covers the full range of children’s shoes.

Kinderschuhe von Geox

We all know Geox’s tagline “The shoe that breathes”. What makes Geox’s children’s shoes stand out is the breathable sole. Geox soles release humidity through a membrane in the sole, yet they do not let any humidity into the shoe. When it comes to design, Geox knows that children love colours - many vibrant shoes are on offer, as well as shoes in more formal colours to satisfy the parents.

Kinderschuhe von Richter

A shoemaker workshop for over 120 years, Richter now sells its shoes all over the world. “Fashion, Function, Fun” is the credo of the Austrian shoe manufacturer who combines fashion, high quality and advanced manufacturing techniques. Richter produces excellent shoes for a very reasonable price.

Kinderschuhe von Lepi

Design, materials and fit make a Lepi shoe a lovely shoe. The Italian manufacturer has perfectly accommodated in the German market with clear forms and colours. Lepi plays with applications and accessories and always finds the balance.

Kinderschuhe von Zecchino d´oro

Small masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship are created by Zecchino d’oro in the Marche region. Made using the finest leather and in the winter lined with cozy lambswool, Zecchino d’oro produces premium shoes for children. The form is classic, the colours clear and uncomplicated.

Kinderschuhe von Timberland

It all began 40 years ago with the “Yellow Boot” in Boston. The global footwear producer with the ‘go anywhere shoes’ produces shoes for children that spend a lot of time outdoors. The products are now so popular with outdoor specialist that even indoor lovers have turned to them for fashion.

Kinderschuhe von Kamik

In the wintery depths of winter, the Kamik boots hit their stride. Robust and impermeable, these Canadians begin there where others stop. Real off-road shoes.

Kinderschuhe von Camper

A lovely environment to create lovely shoes; the island of Mallorca is Camper’s home. Inspired by rural charm and urban diversity, kids’ Camper’s have a very unique style. True Camper’s fans cannot get enough.

Kinderschuhe von Giesswein

Classical craftsmanship paired with playful designs - this is what makes the Austrian slipper manufacturer. Light cotton for the summer and warm wool with rubber soles for the winter, Giesswein slippers are soft and comfortable. Shoes to feel at home in.

Kinderschuhe von Living Kitzbühel

Slippers in the very best quality. Modern forms and high-quality natural minerals - monotone, colourful or with embroidery. The superior quality guarantees outstanding comfort.