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Loyalty card for children’s shoe

Rewarding your loyalty

Kleine Helden - Shoes for Kids is a family business. Our clients are parents who value and appreciate our continuous expertise and advice in-store. It is very clear that at Kleine Helden - Shoes for Kids all brands and products are picked very thoughtfully. Every single shoe in our shelves was rigorously checked for quality and appropriateness for children’s feet. Furthermore, we advise on every single sale.

Our clients’ satisfaction with their products over the years has resulted in us having many regular customers. This loyalty and trust is certainly a great reward for our continuous efforts. And it is something that we want to reward with the Kleine Helden Berlin Loyalty Card. Show us your loyalty card when you purchase shoes and we will note the purchase down. Receive 10% off with every third purchase - regardless of the price of previously purchased shoes. If you purchase three pairs of shoes at once you will receive the discount on the most expensive pair.

Kleine Helden - Shoes for Kids thanks you for your purchase.


10% Rabatt auf jedes dritte Paar Kinderschuhe